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November 20, 2014
OIF Launches New Project to Identify APIs for Transport SDN

Global Transport SDN Demo Results Demand Immediate Project Start

November 4, 2014
OIF and ONF Complete Transport SDN Demonstration with Global Read-out Events

September 17, 2014
OIF and ONF Announce Vendor Participants in Transport SDN Interoperability Demonstration

as reported by Market Watch, BusinessWire,,, Yahoo Finance

September 3, 2014
OIF To Demonstrate 100G Multi-Vendor Interoperability at ECOC 2014

Live Tests Highlight 100G Links and Thermal Optimization

August 26, 2014
OIF and ONF Join Forces to Test Transport SDN

as reported by Market Watch, BusinessWire,, Yahoo Finance

August 13, 2014
OIF Adds Long Reach to CEI-56G Roadmap

as reported by Yahoo Finance, BusinessWire, Light Reading, Semiconductor

June 30, 2014
OIF and ONF Team Up on Transport SDN Demonstration

as reported by Light Reading, BusinessWire, Market Watch, Telecompetitor

June 10, 2014
OIF 2nd Quarterly Meeting Produces Work on SDN and 100G/400G

Forum Members Approve IAs and Start New Projects
as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire,, Digital Journal

April 14, 2014
OIF Takes Transport SDN Workshop on the Road

OIF Workshop Held in Berlin, Open to the Public
as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire, 4-Traders, Nation’s Restaurant News

March 4, 2014
OIF Completed Three IAs for 100G Electrical Interfaces, Starts Project for 400G

as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire, Broadway World, World News, Lightwave

February 25, 2014
OIF Product Showcase at OFC Features Cutting-Edge Products Utilizing OIF Supported Technology

OIF to Speak on 400G and SDN at OFC
as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire, Lightwave, Optical Keyhole, TMCnet, Laser Focus World, Virtual Strategy Magazine, CablingInstall, Wall Street Select


November 21, 2013
OIF Members Continue Focus on 100G and 400G Applications

Board and Officer Elections, OIF Day at Huawei
as reported by Lightwave, Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire

October 29, 2013
OIF Members Approve Three Implementation Agreements on 100G Applications

Additional Implementation Agreement Addresses Medium Reach CEI-28G
as reported by Light Reading, Lightwave, Converge Network Digest, EETimes, Semiconductor Today, Telecom Paper, Optical Keyhole, RCR Wireless, TMCnet, Cabling Installation & Maintenance

September 23, 2013
OIF Carrier Members Define Requirements for Transport SDN

Carrier Perspective Addresses Transport Networks for SDN Architectures
as reported by MarketWatch, Light Reading, EETimes, Gazettabyte, Converge Network Digest

September 11, 2013
OIF To Showcase Record Number of Interoperability Demonstrations at ECOC 2013

Wide Range of Technologies Support Next-Gen 100G and 400G Architectures
as reported by MarketWatch, Light Reading, Lightwave, Lightwave Online, Converge Network Digest, Gazettabyte

August 19, 2013
OIF Members Start Receiver-Specific Project for CFP2 Form Factor

Quarterly meeting produces significant progress with several key projects
as reported by Gazetteabyte, Light Reading, Lightwave

June 27, 2013
The Optical Internetworking Forum Completes Work on OTN Monitoring and Lays Foundation for Transport SDN

as reported by Online Wall Street Journal, Telecomms Briefing

May 13, 2013
OIF Members Tackle SDN, 400G Interconnect and More

as reported by CNBC, Yahoo! Finance

March 11, 2013
OIF To Speak on SDN and Beyond 100G at OFC/NFOEC

Two Panel Sessions Address Hot Industry Topics
as reported by BusinessWire, Yahoo! Finance

March 4, 2013
OIF To Demonstrate 4 x 25G Multi-Vendor Interoperability at OFC/NFOEC

Largest Number of Demo Participants Testing & Enabling Next-Gen Technology for 100G

January 30, 2013
OIF Members Tackle 400G Modules and Carrier Requirements for SDN at Quarterly Meeting


November 1, 2012
OIF Elects New Leadership, Approves Security IAs

Members Determine New Direction and Focus for 2013

August 29, 2012
OIF To Demonstrate Multi-Vendor Interoperability of 100G Channels at ECOC

July 18, 2012
OIF Takes on Technology for 100G and 400G, and Addresses Emerging Control Plane Applications

June 6, 2012
OIF Addresses Variety of Technologies with New IAs, Whitepapers and Security Testing

Covers Speed, Cooling, Security and Management of Control Plane
as reported by BusinessWire

May 16, 2012
New OIF Electrical Interface Projects Take Industry to Next Generation Connectivity

OIF Hosting Workshop at Packet Optical Transport Evolution Conference
as reported by Lightwave

February 29, 2012
OIF to Demonstrate Multi-Vendor Interoperability at OFC

OIF Hosting Panels on High-Speed Interconnects and Dynamic OTN Networks

February 15, 2012
OIF to Demonstrate Ethernet over OTN Interoperability

Data and Control Plane Features Tested in OIF’s 5th Worldwide Event
as reported by TMCnet, Light Reading, Fierce Telecom, Telecom Paper

February 9, 2012
OIF to Demonstrate Multi-Vendor Interoperability

Ten Vendor Members to Test Enabling Technology for 100G
as reported by Interconnection World, Lightwave, Fierce Telecom, Telecom Paper, Light Reading, Converge Network Digest

January 31, 2012
OIF Meeting Kicks Off 2012 with Next Generation Interconnect Workshop


December 19, 2011
OIF Hosts Next Generation Interconnect Workshop

Loooking Beyond 100G

December 11, 2011
OIF Completes Implementation Agreement for OTN Switching

November 17, 2011
OIF Starts 100G Transmitter Project

OIF Day at China Telecom, Security IAs Passed and Elections

October 7, 2011
OIF Approves Micro Tunable Laser for Smaller Footprint

Additional IAs Address Rapidly Evolving 100G Market

September 13, 2011
OIF Approves 1st Implementation Agreement for 25G Generation

Common Electrical Interface (CEI) Projects Result in Completed IAs

August 24, 2011
Next Gen Interconnect and 100G Projects Seek to Address Growing Pains for 100G and Beyond

July 28, 2011
The OIF Turns Focus on OTN

Approves OTN-capable E-NNI Routing 2.0 IA

March 4, 2011
The OIF Looks Beyond 100G at OFC/NFOEC


December 1, 2010
OIF Finalizes Security Implementation Agreement

New Board of Directors and Officers Elected

August 5, 2010
OIF Projects Will Shrink Tunable Laser Assembly and Ease Control Plane Deployment for Carriers

OIF’s 28G VSR Project Continues to Catch Industry Attention

July 14, 2010
OIF Finalizes Implementation Agreements for 100G Modules and Control Plane Logging and Auditing

June 29, 2010
The OIF to Host Second Common Electrical Interface Workshop

OIF’s 28G VSR Project Continues to Catch Industry Attention

June 3, 2010
The OIF Starts Two New 100G Projects

OIF to Address OTN Switching on Packet Fabrics and Thermal Management Improvements

May 10, 2010
The OIF Approves 100G Coherent Receiver Implementation Agreement

Forward Error Correction Whitepaper Completed

March 22, 2010
The OIF Approves 100G Transmitter Implementation Agreement

Showcase at OFC Demonstrates Component Support of New IA

March 4, 2010
The OIF Hosts 100G Components Showcase at OFC/NFOEC

9 Member Companies to Display 100G Hardware

February 11, 2010
The OIF Starts 2010 with CEI and 100G Work

Input from CEI Workshop Results in New 100G Project

January 11, 2010
The OIF to Host Public Workshop on 25-Gig Electrical Interfaces

OIF’s Common Electrical Interface for 25- and 28-Gig Supports 100G


November 6, 2009
The OIF Defines 100G Project for Module Management Interface

Latest Project Builds on Framework Document

June 30, 2009
New Framework Document Brings OIF’s 100G Work Into Focus

June 8, 2009
OIF to Showcase Worldwide Interoperability Testing Across the Globe

May 18, 2009
Ten Equipment Vendors Make Control Plane Technology Top Priority in Global Interoperability Demonstration

April 20, 2009
On Your Mark, Get Set, Test! OIF’S 4th Worldwide Interoperability Event Commences

Demo of Broadband On-Demand Services, Hosted By Global Telecom Carriers


December 8, 2008
OIF Releases Tunable Laser and Transmitter Assembly Agreements

November 13, 2008
OIF Celebrates 10 Years of Contributions to the Industry

Adds Long Haul DWDM Transmission Module Project to 100G Stable

October 2, 2008
OIF’s Newest Piece of 100G Puzzle: Forward Error Correction

Forum Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Fresh Technical Work

August 14, 2008
OIF 100G Project to Focus on Integrated Photonic Components

100G Long Distance DWDM Transmission Project Defined at Q3 Meeting

May 23, 2008
OIF to Address 100G Long-Haul DWDM Market Needs

April 16, 2008
New Interface Agreements from OIF Aim to Satisfy the Telecom Industry’s Need for Speed

Interoperability Agreements Support CEI for Interconnection

February 25, 2008
OIF’s UNI 2.0 Implementation Agreement Delivers to Emerging Carrier Ethernet Market

IA Allows Carriers to Offer New Services


November 29, 2007
OIF’s 2008 Course Set By Results Of Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration

Joint Workshop with PIF Discusses 100GE and ASON/GMPLS

September 17, 2007
World’s Top Carriers Pronounce OIF Interoperability Demo A Success

Ethernet Services Tested Across Vendors and Carriers in Lab Facilities Spanning the Globe

September 10, 2007
OIF To Showcase Worldwide Interoperability Testing In Berlin

Live Demonstrations, Workshops, Presentations, and Tours at ECOC

August 22, 2007
Top Equipment Vendors Step Forward For OIF’s Global Interoperability Demonstration

July 17, 2007
OIF’s StatEye Focuses on High-Speed Channel Compliance

Open Source Software Supports Current CEI Specs

June 6, 2007
Seven Global Telecom Carriers Unite For OIF Interoperability Demonstration

Demonstration of On-Demand Ethernet Services Enabled by OIF UNI and E-NNI Functions

May 16, 2007
OIF Invites Industry To Help Shape 100G Interface

New SFI-X Project Extends Scalability of SERDES-Framer Interfaces to 100 Gbps

February 13, 2007
OIF Greets 2007 With New Agreement And Technical Projects

E-NNI Routing IA Approved, Software and Optical Projects Launched


December 16, 2006
SPI-S From the OIF Is Ready For Business

New Scalable Protocol Can Handle Hundreds of Gigabits Per Second

November 8, 2006
New OIF Project Maps TFI, TDM Signals

Carriers Highlight Importance of Forum Work in ASON Network Deployments

September 7, 2006
OIF Unveils StatEye Upgrade: High Speed Channel Analysis

Technical, Working Group Leaders Elected

July 27, 2006
10 Gb/s Reaches Farther At Lower Cost Under New OIF IA

Successful Test at OFC/NFOEC Results in Approved Agreement

May 25, 2006
Optical Internetworking Forum Approves TDM-Protocol Implementation Agreement

Group Begins Migration of Technical Work Following NPF Merger

April 27, 2006
Network Processing Forum To Merge With Optical Internetworking Forum

March 7, 2006
OIF To Demonstrate Multi-Vendor Interoperability Of Very Long Reach Optical Links At OFC/NFOEC

February 16, 2006
Years Of Interoperability Work Form Basis Of New OIF Routing Interface

Forum Will Apply Lessons Learned on Spec Targeted for Carrier Networks


December 15, 2005
OIF Closes 2005 with Flurry of Technical Agreements

Forum Releases Important Work on Security and Tunable Lasers

November 7, 2005
OIF Continues to Drive Higher Density Electrical Interfaces

Work Also Begins on Agreement Supporting ITU-T Study Group 15 Application Codes

July 27, 2005
OIF Begins Race for Ultra High Data Rate Interfaces

Forum Updates E-NNI Work to Reflect Success of Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration

June 8, 2005
Carriers Validate OIF World Interoperability Demo

Live Global Test Between Vendors and Carriers Proven Successful

May 11, 2005
OIF Announces Vendor Participants in Worldwide Interoperability Demo

Participants Represent Top Tier Optical Networks Vendors

April 28, 2005
OIF Delivers Two Common Electrical Interface Agreements

Long Reach IA Completes CEI Package

March 31, 2005
Seven Global Carriers to Host Ten-Week OIF Worldwide Interoperability Demo

Most Comprehensive Network Test Ever to Take Place in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and United States

March 8, 2005
OIF Approves Agreement on Multi-Vendor Compatibility for Long and Extended Reach 10Gb/s Products

February 1, 2005
OIF Adds Equipment to CEI Interoperability Demo at DesignCon 2005

Interoperable Signaling Over Backplanes at 6 and 11 gigabits, Will Successfully Demonstrate the Transfer over 100,800,000,000,000 Bits Per Hour

January 27, 2005
OIF To Tackle Neighbor Discovery and TFI Projects

Quarterly Meeting Results in New Work Projects

January 20, 2005
OIF To Demonstrate CEI Interoperability at DesignCon 2005

Participating Members to Demonstrate Interoperability of New CEI Implementation Agreement


December 16, 2004
OIF Announces Completion of Common Electrical I/O Implementation Agreement

IA Supports Short Reach and Long Reach Interfaces

November 17, 2004
OIF Takes On Interworking Design Guide and Multi-Level Modulation Work Project

Quarterly Meeting Invites GGF to Share Technology Ideas, New Board Elected

August 12, 2004
OIF Addresses Long Reach and Performance Opportunities with New Projects

New Technical and Marketing Leaders Elected

July 19, 2004 (NPF press release)
Network Processing Forum (NPF) Introduces Differential Services API

New Specification Facilitates Use of Network Processing Technologies by System OEMs Creating Diffserv Solutions

July 19, 2004 (NPF press release)
Network Processing Forum (NPF) Facilitates Addition of High Availability Features into Network Processing-Based Systems

New Implementation Agreements Incorporate High Availability Functionality into Existing NPF Software

July 14, 2004
OIF Leads Optical Industry with Integratable Tunable Laser Agreement

New Multi-Source Agreement Complements Existing Efforts

July 2, 2004
Carriers Confirm: OIF World Interoperability Demo A Success

UNI 1.0 and E-NNI Interoperability Network Brings Carriers and Vendors Together

June 9, 2004
Brightest Lights in Optical Networking Charge into OIF Interoperability Demonstration

SUPERCOMM Attendees Will Have Ringside Seat for Live Demo

June 3, 2004
OIF and NPF Collaborate on Interface Advancement

Joint Meeting Facilitates Cooperation and Sharing of Customer Requirements

May 17, 2004
Carrier Lab Testing Begins for OIF’S Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration

Carriers/Suppliers Begin Intra-Lab Testing of OIF Implementation Agreements

April 7, 2004
OIF Plans Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration

World’s Leading Carriers to Host Global Optical Networking Event

April 1, 2004 (NPF press release)
Networking Processing Forum (NPF) Unveils New Directory at Communications Design Conference

Developers, System OEMs and Other Interested Parties Can Easily Identify Which Companies Have Implemented NPF IAs in Their Products

March 29, 2004 (NPF press release)
Network Processing Forum (NPF) Launches Network Computing Initiative at Communications Design Conference

New Study Group to Assess the Expanded Role of Network Processing Technologies in Communications Networks and the Data Center

OIF Supports Carriers with New External Network-to-Network Interface Agreement

02/10/04 (NPF press release)
Network Processing Forum (NPF) Gains Three New Members

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Nortel Networks and NTT Electronics Will Help Define Future Network Processing Interfaces and Benchmarks

February 2, 2004
OIF Forms User Group for Equipment Manufacturers and Systems Vendors

Third Technical Project Identified to Address Tunable Lasers


October 30, 2003
Carriers Converge at OIF Meeting

New Technical Projects Address Carrier Requirements and Integratable Tunable Laser Assembly

October 22, 2003
OIF Secures Management Interfaces with New Agreement

October 6, 2003
OIF Approves TDM Fabric to Framer Interface

August 12, 2003
OIF Launches Industry Survey on Common Electrical Interface

Technical Work on UNI, NNI Continues at Rapid Pace

June 3, 2003
OIF Approves Expanded Tunable Laser Spec

Multi-source Agreement Specifies Physical Interface and Optical Performance Parameters

May 15, 2003
OIF Publishes UNI/NNI Security Extension Specification

New Officers Join Board of Directors

April 7, 2003
OFC Attendees Give Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Interoperability Demo High Marks

March 17, 2003
24 OIF Member Companies to Demonstrate Interoperability at OFC

Successful Interoperability Test Completed

March 6, 2003
OIF Combines Marketing Efforts with Community Donation

OFC Conference Booth Materials Donated to Habitat for Humanity

February 20, 2003
OIF Targets 10 Gig Specs, Data Transport Protocol

New Working Group Leaders Elected

February 3, 2003
OIF to Conduct Broadest Demonstration of Optical Networking Capabilities

Network Interface and PLL Tests Will Headline OFC 2003


November 21, 2002
OIF Membership Approves Four New Implementation Agreements

Industry’s First Tunable Laser IA Completed, Common Electrical I/O Project Formed

October 23, 2002
Optical Internetworking Forum Elects New Board of Directors

Industry Leaders Take Helm of Top Optical Networking Association

August 12, 2002
OIF Tackles Security Issues for Optical Industry
New Implementation Agreement for UNI 1.0 Billing

June 19, 2002
OIF Unveils 40 Gbps Serdes Framer Interface Spec

May 13, 2002
OIF to Showcase Technical Advances at SUPERCOMM 2002

Forum Leaders Will Deliver Multimedia Presentations at OIF Booth

May 2, 2002
OIF Carriers Define Requirements for NNI

Record Number of Implementation Agreements Planned for 2002

February 12, 2002
OIF Members Approve 40 Gbps System Packet Interface Spec

Forum Moves Forward on VSR-5 Effort


November 19, 2001
OIF Identifies New Areas of Technical Work for 2002

Four Technical Projects to Address Wide Range

October 24, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum Completes UNI 1.0 Signaling Specification

Technical Work Allows Early Implementation of UNI 1.0 Signaling Protocol

October 1, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum Elects New Board of Directors, Officers

August 9, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum Establishes Interoperability Working Group to Expedite Testing of Technical Work

Record Number of Member Attendees at Vancouver Meeting

June 12, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Declares Supercomm Interoperability Demo a Success

May 21, 2001
25 Companies to Participate in OIF’s Interoperability Demo at Supercomm 2001

Carrier Companies Observe Optical UNI Implementations

May 14, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum Broadens Focus of Technical Work

Elects Two Members to Board of Directors

March 20, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum Promotes Multiple Very Short Reach (VSR) Interface Specifications

Industry Forum Continues to Address Cost Effective Solutions for Central Office OC-192/STM-64 Equipment Links

March 19, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum to Host Interoperability Demonstration at Supercomm 2001

Optical UNI Interoperability Demo First Step Toward Allowing Carriers to Offer New Optical Network Services in Multi-Vendor, Multi Technology Networks

February 8, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum Creates New Carrier Working Group

Completes High Speed Interface Recommendation for 10 Gb/s and OC-192 Applications

January 16, 2001
Optical Internetworking Forum Debuts Very Short Reach Interface Specifications

Provides Cost Savings for Central Office Interconnection


November 28, 2000
New Optical Internetworking Forum Board Meets, Moves Technical Specifications Forward

October 17, 2000
Optical Internetworking Forum Sub-Group Presents Carrier Requirements for Offering Optical Services to Customers

October 10, 2000
Optical Internetworking Forum Completes First 10Gbps Specifications

August 28, 2000
Optical Internetworking Forum Fine-tunes Standards Proposals for Interoperability of Optical Networking Implementations

May 22, 2000
Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) to Host Annual Industry Update on Fiber-based Network Interoperability at SuperComm

May 17, 2000
Optical Internetworking Forum Progresses Toward Interoperability Standards for Optical Networking Technologies

March 6, 2000
Optical Internetworking Forum Reaches Major Milestones


December 14, 1998
The OIF begins Technical Development of the Transport Network for IP Services and Applications

April 20, 1998
Cisco and CIENA Launch Initiative for Industry-Wide Optical Internetworking Forum