2007 OIF 3rd Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration – On-Demand Services

ECOC 2007 – September 17-19, 2007 – Berlin, Germany

The OIF’s third worldwide interoperability test and demonstration highlighted network-interoperable solutions among participating vendors employing OIF implementation agreements and addressed UNI Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Services with support over SONET/SDH core networks.

The following carriers hosted the testing:

China Telecom
Deutsche Telekom
France Telecom Group
Telecom Italia
The following vendor companies participated:

Huawei Technologies
Marben Products
Sycamore Networks

Technical Presentations

Alcatel Lucent Ciena
Ericsson Huawei
Marben Products Sycamore Networks
China Telecom Deutsche Telekom
France Telecom Group KDDI
Telecom Italia Verizon

Demo Presentation:
Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration: On-Demand Ethernet Services

Special Presentations:

Mr. Wei Leping, CTO of China Telecom
Current Status and Development of Backbone Optical Networks in China

Ms. Dana Cooperson, VP Network Infrastructure, Ovum RHK
Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration: On-Demand, Global Ethernet Services

Mr. Hans-Martin Foisel, Deutsche Telekom
On-Demand Broadband Services on a Global Scale

Demo White Paper:
2007 Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration: On-Demand Ethernet Services Across Global Optical Networks

Press Announcements:

September 17, 2007
World’s Top Carriers Pronounce OIF Interoperability Demo A Success
Ethernet Services Tested Across Vendors and Carriers in Lab Facilities Spanning the Globe

September 10, 2007
OIF To Showcase Worldwide Interoperability Testing in Berlin
Live Demonstrations, Workshops, Presentations, and Tours at ECOC

August 22, 2007
Top Equipment Vendors Step Forward For OIF’s Global Interoperability Demonstration

June 6, 2007
Seven Global Telecom Carriers Unite for OIF Interoperability Demonstration
Demonstration of On-Demand Ethernet Services Enabled by OIF UNI and E-NNI Functions