OFC 2003 – March 25-27, 2003 – Atlanta, Georgia
Twenty-four OIF members participated in the interoperability demo of the UNI/NNI and Physical Link Layer (PLL) protocols.

The following companies displayed interoperability between six electrical and optical interfaces on the PLL side:

Big Bear Networks
Multiplex, Inc.
Network Elements
Santur Corporation
Tyco Electronics

Test Equipment was provided by Tektronics and Agilent Technologies.

The twelve companies that demonstrated for the first time the integrated UNI/NNI solution are:

Avici Systems
Ciena Corporation
Data Connection
Mahi Networks
Nortel Networks
Sycamore Networks

PLL Test Reports

The following reports include test results and pictures:

OIF Technical Presentations

Physical & Link Layer Presentations
A New Tunable Laser MSA based upon the OIF Implementation Agreement Jeff Hutchins, iolon & Gurinder Parhar, Santur
Applying TFI-5 and Understanding the Backplane Environment John D’Ambrosia, Tyco Electronis
OIF Implementation Agreements for Optical Modules, both Electrical and Optical Raj Savara, Network Elements
OIF SFI-5 Compliant 40G Transponder Laura Adams, Big Bear Networks
SFI-4.1 implementation techniques for reconfigurable platforms Brian Von Herzen, Xilinx
SPI-4.2 IP Core on Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro FPGAs Speeds Development and Delivers Interoperable Solution Chris Ebeling, Xilinx
SPI-4.2: System Packet Interface Tom Palkert, AMCC
Test equipment for physical layer conformance testing of parallel buses exemplified for SFI4/5 Michael Fleischer-Reumann, Agilent
Testing OIF Electrical Implementation Agreements Gary Goncher, Tektronix
TFI-5: TDM Fabric to Framer Interface Tom Palkert, AMCC
UNI – NNI Presentations
A Service-enabling Control Architecture for the Optical Network Richard Trudel, Nortel Networks
Achieving Seamless IP Optical Network Integration Amy Wang, Avici
An evolutionary approach to G-MPLS ensuring a smooth migration of legacy networks Ben Martens, Alcatel
Call Detail Records for UNI 1.0 Connections Dan Spears, Ciena
Emergence of Control Plane Standards and Impact on Optical Network Services Tom DiMicelli, Sycamore Networks
Hierarchical Routing using GMPLS-OSPF Dean Cheng, Polaris & Lyndon Ong, Ciena
Interoperability: Key issue for carriers and ISPs OIF Carrier Members
Intra-carrier Solutions Enabled by the OIF NNI Erning Ye, Nortel Networks
Making GMPLS Real Colm O’Brien, Mahi Networks
OIF NNI: The Roadmap to Non-Disruptive Control Plane Interoperability Dimitris Pendarakis, Tellium
Optical Control Plane Standardization Efforts – OIF / IETF / ITU Lyndon Ong, Ciena