OIF PLL Demonstration @ Supercomm 2003

SUPERCOMM 2003 – June 3-5, 2003 – Atlanta, Georgia

The SUPERDemo featured live demonstrations offering a visual representation of dynamic N-way interoperability of SPI-4.2, SFI-4 and tunable lasers among OIF member companies.
The OIF also introduced its new project, CEI, with demonstrations of electrical interfaces with signaling rates of 6+ and 11+ GBaud for chip to chip, chip to optical module and electrical backplane applications.

The following companies participated:

  • CEI 11+ Gig Short Reach: Agilent, AMCC, BitBlitz, Ignis Optics, Infineon, Vitesse, Xilinx
  • CEI 11+ Gig Long Reach: Tyco Electronics, Winchester Electronics
  • CEI 6+ Gig Long Reach: Gennum, Tyco Electronics, Velio
  • SPI-4.2: NEC
  • SFI-4.1: Multiplex
  • Tunable Lasers: iolon, Santur

Collateral distributed at the booth included the following white papers:

OIF Technical Presentations

Physical & Link Layer Presentations
CEI Feasibility Overview OIF Interoperability Working Group
A New Tunable Laser MSA based upon the OIF Implementation Agreement Jeff Hutchins, iolon & Gurinder Parhar, Santur
Applying TFI-5 and Understanding the Backplane Environment John D’Ambrosia, Tyco Electronics
SFI-4.1 Implementation Techniques for Reconfigurable Platforms Brian Von Herzen, Xilinx
10G Electrical Interfaces: Overview and Challenges Tom Palkert, AMCC
OIF: Advancing Optics with Physical & Link Layer Interoperability Steve Joiner, Ignis Optics
Characterizing 11G Long Reach CEI Channels John Mitchell, Winchester Electronics
XFP System and 10G Common Electrical Interface Dong Zheng, BitBlitz
Common Electrical I/O – Building for the Future John D’Ambrosia, Tyco Electronics
UNI – NNI Presentations
UNI- NNI Interoperability Overview OIF Interoperability Working Group
Achieving Seamless IP Optical Network Integration Amy Wang, Avici
An evolutionary approach to G-MPLS ensuring a smooth migration of legacy networks Ben Martens, Alcatel
Call Detail Records for UNI 1.0 Connections Dan Spears, Ciena
Emergence of Control Plane Standards and Impact on Optical Network Services Tom DiMicelli, Sycamore Networks