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November 20, 2014
OIF Launches New Project to Identify APIs for Transport SDN

Global Transport SDN Demo Results Demand Immediate Project Start

November 4, 2014
OIF and ONF Complete Transport SDN Demonstration with Global Read-out Events

September 17, 2014
OIF and ONF Announce Vendor Participants in Transport SDN Interoperability Demonstration

as reported by Market Watch, BusinessWire,,, Yahoo Finance

September 3, 2014
OIF To Demonstrate 100G Multi-Vendor Interoperability at ECOC 2014

Live Tests Highlight 100G Links and Thermal Optimization

August 26, 2014
OIF and ONF Join Forces to Test Transport SDN

as reported by Market Watch, BusinessWire,, Yahoo Finance

August 13, 2014
OIF Adds Long Reach to CEI-56G Roadmap

as reported by Yahoo Finance, BusinessWire, Light Reading, Semiconductor

June 30, 2014
OIF and ONF Team Up on Transport SDN Demonstration

as reported by Light Reading, BusinessWire, Market Watch, Telecompetitor

June 10, 2014
OIF 2nd Quarterly Meeting Produces Work on SDN and 100G/400G

Forum Members Approve IAs and Start New Projects
as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire,, Digital Journal

April 14, 2014
OIF Takes Transport SDN Workshop on the Road

OIF Workshop Held in Berlin, Open to the Public
as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire, 4-Traders, Nation's Restaurant News

March 4, 2014
OIF Completed Three IAs for 100G Electrical Interfaces, Starts Project for 400G

as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire, Broadway World, World News, Lightwave

February 25, 2014
OIF Product Showcase at OFC Features Cutting-Edge Products Utilizing OIF Supported Technology

OIF to Speak on 400G and SDN at OFC
as reported by Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire, Lightwave, Optical Keyhole, TMCnet, Laser Focus World, Virtual Strategy Magazine, CablingInstall, Wall Street Select

November 21, 2013
OIF Members Continue Focus on 100G and 400G Applications

Board and Officer Elections, OIF Day at Huawei
as reported by Lightwave, Yahoo! Finance, BusinessWire

October 29, 2013
OIF Members Approve Three Implementation Agreements on 100G Applications

Additional Implementation Agreement Addresses Medium Reach CEI-28G
as reported by Light Reading, Lightwave, Converge Network Digest, EETimes, Semiconductor Today, Telecom Paper, Optical Keyhole, RCR Wireless, TMCnet, Cabling Installation & Maintenance

September 23, 2013
OIF Carrier Members Define Requirements for Transport SDN

Carrier Perspective Addresses Transport Networks for SDN Architectures
as reported by MarketWatch, Light Reading, EETimes, Gazettabyte, Converge Network Digest

September 11, 2013
OIF To Showcase Record Number of Interoperability Demonstrations at ECOC 2013

Wide Range of Technologies Support Next-Gen 100G and 400G Architectures
as reported by MarketWatch, Light Reading, Lightwave, Lightwave Online, Converge Network Digest, Gazettabyte

August 19, 2013
OIF Members Start Receiver-Specific Project for CFP2 Form Factor

Quarterly meeting produces significant progress with several key projects
as reported by Gazetteabyte, Light Reading, Lightwave

June 27, 2013
The Optical Internetworking Forum Completes Work on OTN Monitoring and Lays Foundation for Transport SDN

as reported by Online Wall Street Journal, Telecomms Briefing

May 13, 2013
OIF Members Tackle SDN, 400G Interconnect and More
as reported by CNBC, Yahoo! Finance

March 11, 2013
OIF To Speak on SDN and Beyond 100G at OFC/NFOEC

Two Panel Sessions Address Hot Industry Topics
as reported by BusinessWire, Yahoo! Finance

March 4, 2013
OIF To Demonstrate 4 x 25G Multi-Vendor Interoperability at OFC/NFOEC

Largest Number of Demo Participants Testing & Enabling Next-Gen Technology for 100G

January 30, 2013
OIF Members Tackle 400G Modules and Carrier Requirements for SDN at Quarterly Meeting

November 1, 2012
OIF Elects New Leadership, Approves Security IAs

Members Determine New Direction and Focus for 2013

August 29, 2012
OIF To Demonstrate Multi-Vendor Interoperability of 100G Channels at ECOC

July 18, 2012
OIF Takes on Technology for 100G and 400G, and Addresses Emerging Control Plane Applications

June 6, 2012
OIF Addresses Variety of Technologies with New IAs, Whitepapers and Security Testing

Covers Speed, Cooling, Security and Management of Control Plane
as reported by BusinessWire

May 16, 2012
New OIF Electrical Interface Projects Take Industry to Next Generation Connectivity

OIF Hosting Workshop at Packet Optical Transport Evolution Conference
as reported by Lightwave

February 29, 2012
OIF to Demonstrate Multi-Vendor Interoperability at OFC

OIF Hosting Panels on High-Speed Interconnects and Dynamic OTN Networks

February 15, 2012
OIF to Demonstrate Ethernet over OTN Interoperability

Data and Control Plane Features Tested in OIF’s 5th Worldwide Event
as reported by TMCnet, Light Reading, Fierce Telecom, Telecom Paper

February 9, 2012
OIF to Demonstrate Multi-Vendor Interoperability

Ten Vendor Members to Test Enabling Technology for 100G
as reported by Interconnection World, Lightwave, Fierce Telecom, Telecom Paper, Light Reading, Converge Network Digest

January 31, 2012
OIF Meeting Kicks Off 2012 with Next Generation Interconnect Workshop

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