2014 Global Transport SDN Demo

Public Demo Readout

Layer 123 SDN and OpenFlow World Congress
Dusseldorf, Germany
October 14-17, 2014

Private Demo Readouts

October 7, 2014 – Verizon Labs at Waltham, MA

October 27, 2014 – China Telecom in Beijing, PRC

SDN, in tandem with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), will shape the future of telecommunications by improving the network’s ability to dynamically adapt to the needs of applications and services. Participating OIF and Open Networking Foundation (ONF) member companies united to showcase how carriers can deploy SDN technology in their networks. The demonstration testing took place in carrier labs located in North America, Europe and Asia and leveraged technology work from the forums’ technical committees and the support of OIF and ONF carrier members. The two groups seek to accelerate adoption of OpenFlow and Transport SDN technologies that enable increased network programmability to support a new era of dynamic services.

The following carriers hosted the testing:

China Mobile
China Telecom
Deutsche Telekom

The following vendor companies participated:

ADVA Optical Networking
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
NEC Corporation of America

White Paper

2014 Global Transport SDN Prototype Demonstration – OIF/ONF White Paper

Press Releases

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