OIF 1st Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration @ Supercomm 2004

SUPERCOMM 2004 – June 22-24, 2004 – Chicago, Illinois

The OIF World Interoperability Demonstration showcased an international consortium of optical networking carriers and vendor participants, hosting the industry’s first joint-carrier, multi-vendor interoperability demonstration.

The interoperability demonstration highlighted network interoperable solutions among the participating vendors on OIF implementation agreements in a multi-carrier environment. This global networking event included testing in the following areas:

  • Service Adaptation (GFP) /VCAT /LCAS
  • UNI 1.0 R2 + E-NNI (control and data plane, out-of-band signaling)

Seven carriers and fifteen vendors in different locations around the world hosted the industry’s first true multi-carrier, multi-vendor, interoperability demonstration.

The interoperability demo was centrally managed at the OIF Supercomm Booth and networked to multi-carrier lab environments across international network connections. Live network topology visualizations were showcased at the OIF booth as service capabilities were initiated at the carrier labs by participating OIF vendor members. The demonstration highlighted carrier participation in emerging optical networking protocols and validation of multi-vendor environments necessary for successful deployment.

The following carriers hosted the testing:


China Telecom

Deutsche Telecom



Telecom Italia


The following vendor companies participated:

ADVA Optical Networking


Avici Systems

CIENA Corporation

Cisco Systems


Lucent Technologies

Mahi Networks



Nortel Networks

Siemens AG

Sycamore Networks


Turin Networks

Detailed technical information on the demo can be found in the World Interoperability Demo White Paper

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