OIF Workshop: Gearing Up for Transport SDN Deployment

OIF Workshop at Light Reading’s BTEbte sig

June 10, 2015
2pm – 5pm

Recent proof-of-concept and prototype technology demonstrations have shown progress in the evolution to commercial SDN deployment. Service providers, network element providers and software vendors are collaborating in standards bodies, industry fora and laboratories to identify and address technical and business challenges standing in the way of even early market adoption. In this session, OIF panelists reviewed findings from its Global Transport SDN Prototype Demo and outlined steps aimed at clearing the roadblocks to wide-scale transport SDN deployment.

Agenda Topics:

  • Transport SDN Drivers, Needs and Challenges
  • Global Transport SDN Prototype Demo
  • Transport SDN Tool Kit – SDN Framework and APIs
  • Virtual Transport Network Service

Dave Brown, OIF Vice President, Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent

John McDonough, OIF Vice President, NEC America
Jonathan Sadler, OIF Technical Committee Vice Chair, Coriant
Evelyne Roch, OIF Networking & Operations Working Group Chair, Huawei Technologies

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