September 2009 – OIF Workshop at ECOC: Multi-Layer Dynamic Transport Networks Enabling Rich Bandwidth

OIF Workshop at ECOC 2009: Multi-Layer Dynamic Transport Networks Enabling Rich Bandwidth

September 20, 2009
ECOC 2009
Vienna, Austria

Dynamic transport networks, based on ASON-GMPLS control planes, are being deployed in carrier networks to meet growing data and video bandwidth needs efficiently and economi-cally. NG transport network integrating optical and layer 2 protocols are becoming available from system providers. Seamless interworking of control planes of multi-layer transport networks will be critical to support end to end provisioning. This workshop provided an overview of multi-layer control plane protocols, technologies and evaluations in progress at various labs. Examples of technologies such as Layer 1 (OTN) and Layer 2 (PBB-TE, MPLS-TP) next generation networks were considered in detail. Also included were insights into the work conducted by the OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum) to enable end to end, dynamically provisioned carrier-grade broadband services.







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