Observer Registration (not a membership class)

Access is open to everyone who is “technically qualified” and has an interest in the OIF.

Observer Annual Registration Fees:

  • Company  $7,000.00 USD/year – download Observer Company Registration form HERE
  • Individual  $4,500.00 USD/year – download Observer Individual Registration form HERE

Observer annual registration fee must be paid in full to activate access to OIF materials.
Observer Guidelines* can be viewed HERE

In addition to the above annual fee, each Observer who attends an OIF Event will need to pay an Event registration fee (varies per event and will be shown in the registration materials).


Questions may be sent to

*From the Observer Guidelines:

Subject to compliance with these Guidelines and timely registration and payment of applicable fees, an Observer is eligible to attend all Events, other than those expressly reserved for specific skill sets or industry groups for which the Observer is not eligible.

  • Observers attending Events:
    • Will be identified as Observers in the event attendance list
    • For in person Events, must wear an Observer badge provided by OIF
    • For teleconference events, must set their mic to mute
    • Must comply with all applicable laws (including but not limited to applicable antitrust and anti-competition laws)
    • Must comply with all applicable OIF policies (e.g. the OIF’s Antitrust Guidelines and Technical Committee Operating Procedures, available HERE.
    • Are NOT permitted to:
      • vote regarding the work being conducted at the applicable Event (“Work”)
      • submit or make any contributions, feedback, suggestions, ideas or other input regarding the Work, whether verbal, visual, written, electronic or otherwise
      • ask questions or make comments about the Work, in any form, as the OIF considers these actions to be contributions, or
      • make recordings (although you may take notes).