The following catalog of standards and specifications (CoS) has been prepared and is maintained by Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) as a public service. Users of the CoS should note the following:

  • OIF is not the developer of any of the standards and other materials (“Standards”) listed in the CoS. Accordingly, OIF takes no responsibility, and shall not be accountable in any way for any of the Standards, including without limitation as to their currency, completeness, or accuracy.
  • The Standards in the CoS are selected based on technical criteria established by OIF. The absence of a particular standard or other material from the CoS does not mean that it may not be suitable for your particular use. No conclusions or assumptions should be drawn about a Standard developer’s intellectual property rights (IPR) policy, IPR licensing terms or whether essential claims have been asserted or otherwise by reason of the fact that the Standard has been included in the CoS.
  • Listing in the CoS does not indicate whether membership in the originating standards body is required for use of or access to any given document, or any corresponding licenses or other rights that may be available.
  • Any information provided in or associated with a given Standard, whether by OIF or the originating standards body should be verified by the user.
  • Standards in the CoS, and the version listed in the CoS, may or may not be the most recent versions available from the relevant developing organizations. Users of the CoS are therefore advised in all cases to consult the appropriate website or other appropriate source of information for each Standard to ascertain whether amendments, revisions or corrigendum have been issued, and should also determine for themselves what impact any such changes may have on the suitability of the changed documents to meet their individual goals.

Usage of the CoS, as with all other material found at the OIF web site, is subject to the general site terms of use and privacy policy.

Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) (from QSFP-DD MSA)