• Multi-vendor interoperability of the optical control plane is still missing from commercial products, although various demonstrations have proven it is feasible.
  • Certification is a powerful tool to bridge the gap between technical standards and commercial implementations: it will provide a unique reference and a market advantage to compliant, interoperable products.
  • In line with its mission is to enable global interoperability in optical transmission networks, the OIF surveyed the market and decided to create a certification program for interoperable products – starting with the Optical Control Plane UNI.

Why: Value to the Industry

  • Means for operators to obtain and differentiate interoperable commercial products.
  • Market advantage to manufacturers’ products which pass certification.
  • Reduced repetitive testing for vendors and operators. Time to market.
  • Enhanced implementations, better competition, more innovation.

How: Approved Test Agent – UNH-IOL

  • OIF has selected the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) as it’s approved certification test lab. The UNH-IOL is a neutral, third-party laboratory dedicated to testing data networking technologies through industry collaboration. Pre- testing has begun and vendors may contact Timothy Winters at twinters@iol.unh.edu for more information.


  • Beta Testing is now in process.


To join the OIF and participate in the specification of the certification tests, please contact:
Andi Kosich, OIF Executive Director at akosich2@oiforum.com or +1.510.492.4043