OIF Webinar hosted by Lightwave and Electronic Design

This event was broadcast on June 18, 2020.

This webinar, open to the public, features talks and discussion from industry-leading experts: Arista, Broadcom Inc., Cisco, Facebook, Google, Innovium, Intel and TE Connectivity.

Do electrical interfaces hit the wall beyond 112 Gbps? Is 224 Gbps possible? What is a useful reach? Does copper have a future?

The OIF has a long history of developing electrical interface specifications known as Common Electrical I/O (CEI) Implementation Agreements that have been the foundation for almost every industry standards group. In this webinar, industry leaders from OIF member companies and others address these questions and discuss the needs for next generation interoperable electrical IO rates as well as some of the challenges and possible technical options to make these rates attainable. The webinar includes a brief summary of OIF’s existing and in-process electrical IO work.

The first half of the event focuses on the industry view and need for the next generation electrical interconnects, including networking trends and cloud scale applications. The second portion includes presentations and discussion on the technical challenges and directions that could be considered to realize interoperable next generation common electrical IOs that balance density, power, reach and risk.

Andy Bechtolsheim, Arista; Rakesh Chopra, Cisco; Adam Healey, Broadcom Inc; Dave Helster, TE Connectivity; Mike Li, OIF Board Member and Intel; Kapil Shrikhande, Innovium; Nathan Tracy, OIF president and TE Connectivity; Srinivas Venkataraman, Facebook; Sara Zebian, Google
Moderator: Stephen Hardy, Editorial Director, Lightwave