March 23, 2017
Los Angeles, CA, USA

The OIF hosted a half-day workshop, open to the public, featuring subject matter experts from the OIF and an industry view by Alan Weckel of 650 Group.

The first half of this workshop focused on the industry view and application spaces for the next generation interconnects, including Networking Trends and Cloud Scale applications. It is anticipated that requirements for these application spaces are characterized by a combination of parameters such as:

  • loss budgets (distance, number of connectors),
    • electrical and optical data rates,
    • electrical channel properties,
    • power constraints,
    • equalization and retimers,
    • mechanical constraints (faceplate density, etc.)

The second half of this workshop focused on potential electrical link and interconnect technologies being developed to support serial data rates of 100 Gb/s and higher.


12:30pm: Intro – Tom Palkert, OIF PLL WG Electrical Vice Chair, Molex
1:00pm: Industry Analyst – Alan Weckel, 650 Group

Session 1 – User Demand

  • High Level Systems – Katharine Schmidtke, Facebook
  • Equipment Perspective – Andreas Bechtolsheim, Arista

3:00pm: Coffee break

Session 2 – Component Suppliers’ Vision

  • Optics – Mark Nowell, Cisco
  • SERDES/semiconductor – Bart Zeydel, MACOM
  • Alternate Modulation – David Stauffer, Kandou Bus
  • Copper cable/connector/PCB trace – Greg Walz, Molex

5:15pm: Wrap-up – Nathan Tracy, OIF VP of Marketing, TE Connectivity