OIF Next Generation Interconnect Framework Workshop

January 16, 2012
Cupertino, CA – USA

The OIF hosted a workshop on next generation interconnects for communication and computing systems. The OIF’s “Next Generation Interconnect Framework” is intended to provide an overall picture of the application spaces and identify technological challenges for next generation interconnects throughout a system. This workshop was designed to help the OIF gather industry input, and to identify areas where the industry could benefit from the OIF’s work. The Goal of the workshop was to investigate the following application spaces for the next generation electrical or optical interconnects:

  • Interconnects within a multichip module
  • Chip-to-Chip communication across a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA)
  • Intra-rack / Backplanes
  • Rack-to–Rack (Within a Data Center / Campus Wide)

Speakers included: Chris Bergey, Luxtera; Robert Brunner, Ericsson; Boris Golubovic, TE Connectivity; Jalil Kamali, Xilinx; Scott Kipp, Brocade; Tom Marrapode, Molex; Andy Moorwood, Infinera; Gary Nicholl, Cisco; Jonathan Sadler, Tellabs; Katharine Schmidtke, Finisar; Mike Tan, Hewlett Packard .