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OIF to Lead “Co-Packaged Optics – Why, What and How” Live Webinar Event; Industry Experts to Provide Perspectives on Co-Packaged Optics Challenges and Opportunities

In partnership with Lightwave, the free online event will feature industry-leading experts from end-users, equipment developers and component vendors Fremont, Calif.—September 21, 2020 – Recognizing the high-level of industry interest in co-packaging of optics with ASICs and the need for industry discussion and collaboration, OIF will hold a public webinar “Co-Packaged Optics – Why, What and […]

OIF Approves CEI-224G Development Project, Reviews Co-packaging of Optics with ASICs Workshop, Announces Optical Module Management Interface Survey Results at Q3 Meeting

Fremont, Calif.—August 26, 2020 – OIF members continued to drive industry interoperability efforts forward during the Q3 2020 Technical and MA&E Committees Meeting, held August 3-7. This quarter’s virtual meeting resulted in the approval of the CEI (Common Electrical I/O) -224G Development Project, a wrap-up of the “Co-packaging of Optics with ASICs” members-only workshop that […]

OIF Launches Optical Module Management Interface Survey, Solicits Industry Input

Survey to gather industry opinion regarding evolution of optical module management Fremont, Calif.—July 1, 2020 – There is ongoing evolution of form factors and a trend for modules to incorporate data processing and programmable module functions. However, there is increasing consensus that the intrinsic restrictions of throughput and data organization will not scale well into […]

OIF Announces Participants in 2020 Joint Network Operator, Multi-Vendor Transport SDN API Interoperability Demonstration

Interoperability is vital to facilitating operator deployment of SDN and accelerating transport network transformation for the 5G era Fremont, Calif. —June 16, 2020 – Leading the acceleration of the commercialization of transport SDN worldwide and transport network transformation for the 5G era, OIF today announced plans for its 2020 Transport SDN Application Programming Interface (API) […]

OIF Announces 224 Gbps Project Preview, Election Results, Upcoming Webinars and Integrated Packet Optical SDN Implementation Agreement at Q2 Virtual Meeting

Fremont, Calif.—June 4, 2020 – OIF’s Q2 2020 Technical and MA&E Committees Meeting, held virtually May 11-15, resulted in a preview of a proposed 224 Gbps project, election results, upcoming webinar announcements and the release of the Integrated Packet Optical SDN Implementation Agreement (IA). NEW PROJECT PREVIEW – 224 Gbps PROJECT START PROPOSAL The next […]

OIF to Present “Cu (see you) Beyond 112 Gbps” Webinar to Debate Requirements for Next Generation Electrical Interconnects, including Networking Trends and Cloud Scale Applications

The online event, in partnership with Lightwave and Electronic Design, will feature a dynamic discussion between end-users, equipment developers and component suppliers Fremont, Calif.—June 1, 2020 – OIF, where the optical networking industry’s interoperability work gets done, will hold a webinar “Cu (see you) Beyond 112 Gbps” on Thursday, June 18th at 7am PDT/9am CDT/10am […]

OIF Publishes Implementation Agreement for 400ZR Coherent Optical Interface

Spec addresses 400ZR multi-vendor interoperability required for cloud scale data center interconnect (DCI) Fremont, Calif.—April 29, 2020 – OIF, where the optical networking industry’s interoperability work gets done, today announced it has published the Implementation Agreement (IA) for a 400ZR coherent optical interface. The document is available now for all to download. This IA, the […]

OIF Completes Coherent Common Management Interface Specification (C-CMIS) Implementation Agreement for Management of Digital Coherent Optics (DCO) Modules

Initial release is focused on supporting 400ZR Fremont, Calif.—March 3, 2020 – OIF, where the optical networking industry’s interoperability work gets done, today announced the completion of the Coherent Common Management Interface Specification (C-CMIS) Implementation Agreement (IA). This IA serves as an extension to the CMIS (QSFP-DD/OSFP/COBO) management specification, specifically targeting DCO modules. “The C-CMIS […]

OIF Members to Showcase Innovation and Interoperability Solutions for the Industry’s Most Critical Challenges at OFC 2020

Interoperability demos on 400ZR, CEI-112G, FlexE and IC-TROSA; OIF experts to lead panel discussions and OIF to Host “Cu (see you) Beyond 112 Gbps” Workshop Fremont, Calif.—February 18, 2020 – OIF will host one of the largest interoperability demos in its history reflecting the ongoing significance of OIF’s work in addressing global network challenges. Twenty […]

OIF to Host “Cu (see you) Beyond 112 Gbps” Workshop at OFC 2020

Workshop will feature leading end-users, equipment developers, and component suppliers discussing the needs and challenges for electrical interfaces beyond 112 Gbps Fremont, Calif.—February 4, 2020 – OIF, where the optical networking industry’s interoperability work gets done, will hold a half-day workshop “Cu (see you) Beyond 112 Gbps” on Thursday, March 12 during OFC 2020 in […]

OIF Thought Leaders Offer CEI-112G Project Update at DesignCon 2020

Panel of electrical interface experts will showcase OIF’s latest work on multiple interfaces including CEI-112G MCM, XSR, VSR, MR and LR for 112 Gbps applications Fremont, Calif. —January 14, 2020 – OIF industry leaders will present and discuss OIF’s ongoing CEI-112G electrical interface development projects, and the new architectures they will enable including chiplet packaging, […]

Lightwave – An OIF Overview

OIF creates benchmarks, performs worldwide interoperability testing, builds market awareness, and promotes education for technologies, services and, solutions. Launched in 1998, OIF promotes the development and deployment of interoperable networking solutions and services through the creation of Implementation Agreements (IAs) for optical networking products, network processing elements, and component technologies. IAs are based on requirements developed cooperatively […]

Lightwave – Driving Next Generation Network Solutions at OIF – A Network Operator’s Perspective

For companies like Microsoft, the ability to directly share market needs and provide technical input into OIF’s development process are critical factors in achieving industry alignment and enabling our next generation of data centers. https://www.lightwaveonline.com/optical-tech/article/14072367/driving-next-generation-network-solutions-at-oif-a-network-operators-perspective

OIF Announces Board of Directors Positions and Working Group Representatives; Launches Network Operator Coherent Optics Survey

OIF Day, hosted by Microsoft, provided participants the opportunity to exchange ideas relating to current network challenges Fremont, Calif.—November 19, 2019 – OIF, where the optical networking industry’s interoperability work gets done, today announced election results for its Board of Directors and working group representatives (positions took effect Oct 1). OIF also announced the launch […]

OIF Approves IC-TROSA Implementation Agreement, Specifications Speed Delivery of a Higher Level of Integration for Transmit and Receive Optical Components

IC-TROSA IA enables miniaturization of optical transceiver modules and lowers the component cost for 400ZR, metro, data center interconnect (DCI) applications Fremont, Calif.—September 23, 2019 – OIF, where the optical networking industry’s interoperability work gets done, continues its efforts to reduce cost and speed market adoption of next-generation solutions through the approval of the Integrated […]

OIF Showcases 400ZR, CEI-112G and IC-TROSA Interoperability Demos at ECOC 2019

OIF selected to lead Market Focus presentation on deployment of the 400ZR ecosystem Fremont, Calif.—September 9, 2019 – OIF member companies will showcase their industry leadership with a multi-vendor interoperability demonstration of 400ZR, Common Electrical I/O (CEI)-112G and IC-TROSA during ECOC 2019, September 23-25 in Dublin, Ireland. Demonstrating how critical interoperability work gets done, 12 […]

OIF Continues Commitment to Interoperability with Two New Implementation Agreements – Specifications for CFP2-DCO and HB-CDM now available

Fremont, Calif.—May 21, 2019 – OIF, the global industry forum accelerating market adoption of advanced interoperable optical networking solutions, has completed two new Implementation Agreements (IAs) — the CFP2-Digital Coherent Optics Module (CFP2-DCO) and High Bandwidth- Coherent Driver Modulator (HB-CDM). “As a member-driven organization, OIF’s work is based on our members’ needs. The CFP2-DCO IA […]

OIF’s Optical Masterclass Series at NGON to Include Updates on 400ZR, Common Electrical I/O, Flex Ethernet & SDN Projects

Fremont, Calif.—May 8, 2019 – At NGON, May 21-23, 2019, OIF experts will kick off the Optical Masterclass Series with a comprehensive update on its 400ZR, Common Electrical I/O (CEI)-112, Flex Ethernet (FlexE) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) projects. “OIF’s interoperability solutions are vital to the global network and with many of the key network […]