DesignCon 2005 – February 1-2, 2005 – Santa Clara, California

The live demonstration showcased how the recently approved CEI IA, and continuing CEI work in progress, can interoperate across multiple vendors’ transmitters, backplanes and receivers. The demonstration focused on 6G short reach, 11G short reach, 6G long reach and 11G long reach. These four electrical interfaces support chip-to-chip, chip-to-optical module, and electrical backplane applications. The OIF is a non-profit organization with a unique and diverse member base, including many of the world’s leading carriers, component manufacturers and system vendors.

The following companies participated:

Molex – 2 clauses to be demonstrated
Interconnect Technologies (a Northrop Grumman company)
Tyco Electronics – 2 clauses to be demonstrated
Xilinx – 2 clauses to be demonstrated

Speaking Engagement

OIF presented a White Paper entitled “Concept to Reality – Interoperability Testing of the Common Electrical Interface (CEI)” as part of the TecPreview at DesignCon.