Lightwave – An OIF Overview

OIF creates benchmarks, performs worldwide interoperability testing, builds market awareness, and promotes education for technologies, services and, solutions.

Launched in 1998, OIF promotes the development and deployment of interoperable networking solutions and services through the creation of Implementation Agreements (IAs) for optical networking products, network processing elements, and component technologies. IAs are based on requirements developed cooperatively by end users, service providers, equipment vendors, and technology providers, and aligned with worldwide standards, augmented if necessary.

Lightwave Friday 5 video – September 2019

AT&T is under siege, data center 800G is on the horizon, 1.2 Tbps looks like it’s here, and 400GZR is right around the corner.

Fiber Systems – Summer 2019

Small Wonder – A new implementation agreement for low-power consumption will see small modules push technological barriers