OIF to Update Industry on Next-Generation Electrical and Optical Interface Projects, including 224 Gbps & Co-Packaging, at DesignCon 2023

Industry thought leaders will provide an update on work to deliver electrical interfaces for 224 Gbps equipment architectures, co-packaging of optical and electrical interfaces

Fremont, Calif.—January 11, 2023 –OIF has worked to advance the development of interoperable electrical interface specifications, known as CEI (common electrical I/O), for over two decades, leading to the widespread adoption of industry-changing standards. At DesignCon 2023, Jan 31 – Feb 2, in Santa Clara, CA, industry experts will reveal the work OIF is doing to address electrical interfaces optimized for new electrical and optical architecture aspirations, including 224 Gbps and the co-packaging of optical and electrical interfaces with ASICs.

OIF experts will present its work during two panels at the event:

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023: 4:45-6:00 pm PT
Enabling Next Generation Co-Packaging Solutions
Moderator: Jeff Hutchins, OIF Physical & Link Layer (PLL)  Working Group Co-Packaging Vice Chair and Board Member, Ranovus

Panelists include Jeff Hutchins; Kenneth Jackson, Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, USA; Yi Tang, Cisco; Nathan Tracy, OIF Market Awareness & Education Committee Co-Chair, PLL, TE Connectivity; and Richard Ward, Astera Labs

OIF experts will summarize OIF’s work on studying the various co-packaging applications, the technical tradeoffs and choices between different approaches, OIF’s projects, and future co-packaging trends. The panel will also cover OIF’s work to create standards (interoperability agreements) that foster the development of a co-packaging ecosystem.

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023: 4:00 pm-5:15 pm PT
Enabling Next Generation Architectures: 224 Gbps Electrical Interfaces
Moderator: Nathan Tracy, OIF MA&E Committee Co-Chair PLL, TE Connectivity

Panelists include; John Calvin, Keysight; Mike Klempa, OIF PLL Interoperability Working Group Chair, Alphawave IP Group; Mike Li, OIF Board Member, Intel; Cathy Liu, OIF President, Broadcom Inc.

This session will include lessons learned from 112 Gbps and how those lessons are being leveraged for the new 224 Gbps work in OIF. Experts will also discuss the challenges OIF must overcome to enable 224 Gbps electrical I/O interface solutions where reach, performance, power, and cost optimizations become paramount. These solutions are critical to keep the industry moving forward with the next generation of interoperable electrical I/O interface specifications that address the escalating network power consumption trends.

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