OIF Releases New Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) Implementation Agreement and Launches New CMIS Project at Q2 Technical and MA&E Committees Meeting

Fremont, Calif.—OIF’s Q2 2022 Technical and MA&E Committees Meeting, held in person and virtually May 10-12, 2022 in Porto, Portugal, resulted in the release of a Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) Implementation Agreement (IA) and the initiation of a new CMIS project.

CMIS provides a well-defined mechanism to initialize and manage optical and copper modules in a standard way, while still providing the capability to provide custom functionality. This commonality makes integration into different host platforms easier for both the host and module vendors.

IA—CMIS 5.2:

The importance of CMIS continues to expand as higher-speed systems require more complex modules demanding more sophisticated management interfaces.

This IA marks the first OIF-approved CMIS IA and the completion of the transition of the work to OIF.

“One of the reasons OIF adopted the CMIS work is its close coupling and application to ongoing OIF projects,” said Ian Alderdice, Ciena and OIF Physical & Link Layer Working Group – Management Co-Vice Chair. “This IA includes new features supporting a wide variety of form factors, most importantly fiber channel enhancements which expands the range of end-user applications.”

NEW PROJECT—Version update to CMIS:

CMIS addresses commonality in managing pluggable modules and is a critical interface working hand-in-hand with other OIF areas, including co-packaging and electrical. The project work to create the next version of CMIS will add the necessary support for co-packaging/External Laser Small Form Factor Pluggable (ELSFP) projects and link training.

“This new project work represents the next steps in the evolution of CMIS and its alignment with other OIF PLL Working Groups tracks to enable an interoperable ecosystem,” said Gary Nicholl, Cisco and OIF PLL Working Group – Management Co-Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer.


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