As the industry looks forward to higher data rates and increased throughput for the next generation of systems based on 224 Gbps per lane, new specifications and technologies will be required.

OIF developed a framework document that identified the hardware interconnection application spaces where the communications and computer industries could benefit from interconnection definitions or Implementation Agreements (IA).

The CEI-224G framework project resulted in a white paper summarizing the consensus findings and guidance for new OIF project starts for future CEI clauses addressing specific 224 Gbps reaches and architectures.

In early 2022, OIF launched four new CEI projects: CEI-224G-Extra Short Reach (XSR) Common Electrical On-Package Interface Project, CEI-224G-Very Short Reach (VSR) Common Electrical Chip-to-Module Interface Project, CEI-224G-Medium Reach (MR) Common Electrical Chip-to-Chip Interface Project, and CEI-224G-Long Reach (LR) Common Electrical Backplane and Copper Cable Interface Project. These projects are the first set to target the 224G generation of electrical interfaces.


Common Electrical I/O – 224G-XSR
This project will develop IA specifications for die-to-die (D2D) and die-to-OE (D2OE) electrical I/O interfaces which can be used to support 224G I/O links with significantly reduced power, complexity, and enhanced throughput density.

Common Electrical I/O – 224G-Very Short Reach
This project will develop IA specifications for chip-to-module (C2M) interface which can be used to support optical modules (e.g., 200G, 400G, 800G and 1600G) with reduced power, complexity and enhanced density.

Common Electrical I/O – 224G-MR
This project will develop and produce an implementation agreement for a Medium Reach electrical interface operating @144 to 232Gbps signaling over up to 500 mm of PCB and up to one connector.

Common Electrical I/O – 224G-LR
This project will develop and produce an implementation agreement for a Long Reach electrical backplane interface operating @144 to 232 Gbps signaling over up to 1000 mm of backplane and up to two connectors.

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