This project resulted in an implementation agreement for a 400ZR coherent optical interface. It is relevant for router-to-router interconnect use cases and is targeted at (passive) single channel and amplified DWDM applications with distances up to 120 km. This IA should ensure a cost-effective and long-term relevant implementation using single-carrier 400G, coherent detection and advanced DSP/FEC algorithms.

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  • OFC 2021 – OIF Panel: “400ZR Deployment and What’s Next: An OIF Update
    Friday, June 11, 2021 – 11:30-13:00 PDT
    Moderator: Richard Ward, OIF MA&E Committee Co-Chair – PLL, Intel
    Panelists: Ian Betty, OIF President, Ciena; Josef Berger, Marvell; Tom Williams, Cisco;  Paul Brooks, Viavi Solutions
  • NGON & DCI World 2019 – The Optical Masterclass Series – Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Panelists: Dave Brown, Nokia and OIF Director of Communications and Karl Gass, OIF Physical & Link Layer Working Group Vice Chair, Optical
  • OFC 2019 – OIF Panel on Showfloor: “400ZR Specification Update
    Moderator: Karl Gass, OIF PLL WG Vice Chair, Optical
    Panelists: Josef Berger, Inphi; Mark Filer, Microsoft; Mark Stiller, NeoPhotonics; Marcus Weber, Acacia Communications
  • OFC 2018

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