OIF to Host Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) Tutorial Webinar: “Exploring the Technical Depths of CMIS”

Fremont, Calif.—November 14, 2023 – Recognizing the crucial role that CMIS plays in the industry’s ability to harness the full potential of emerging technologies, OIF will host a free, public CMIS tutorial webinar on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023, from 7:00 am to 8:30 am Pacific Time (PST). In the rapidly evolving landscape of networking technologies, being informed about the tools that can streamline functionality and integration is paramount.

OIF is committed to ensuring the industry is up to speed on the progress of CMIS. With this commitment in mind, this webinar kicks off a series of free, public CMIS tutorial webinars – each focusing on individual CMIS functions.

“We are excited to offer this CMIS tutorial webinar, which aims to provide attendees with an in-depth technical knowledge of CMIS, a vital component in today’s optical networking landscape,” said Ian Alderdice, OIF PLL Working Group Management Co-Vice Chair, Ciena. “This session will empower participants to harness the full potential of CMIS, enabling them to make more informed decisions and innovations in the field.”

Building upon the success of OIF’s “CMIS Demystified” webinar last year, this tutorial is designed to take participants one level deeper into the world of CMIS, offering a more profound exploration of the technical intricacies behind its major functions. The webinar, presented by OIF’s Management Working Group Leadership, will provide attendees with a comprehensive high-level technical understanding of CMIS, highlighting major functionalities such as Module State Machine (MSM), Applications advertising (Appsel) and Data Path State Machine (DPSM), Versatile Diagnostic Monitoring (VDM), Command Data Block (CDB) and Firmware (FW) upgrade.

Webinar: Exploring the Technical Depths of CMIS

Date and Time: Tuesday, December 5th, 2023, from 7:00 am to 8:30 am PT

Presenters: Gary Nicholl and Ian Alderdice – OIF’s Management Working Group Leadership


CMIS Overview – A deep dive into the major functionalities of CMIS

  • CMIS concepts
  • CMIS Memory Map
  • MSM
  • DPSM/Appsel
  • VDM
  • CDB
  • FW Upgrade

To attend this tutorial webinar and access Webex details, please visit https://www.oiforum.com/meetings-events/oif-webinar-cmis-tutorial-05dec23/. Registration is not required.

This webinar marks the beginning of a series designed to equip engineers, developers and industry professionals with a comprehensive understanding of CMIS.

“We’ve witnessed from discussions at industry conferences and testing events that there is a knowledge gap concerning the substantial value that CMIS brings to the industry by enabling the true plug-n-play paradigm that customers are now demanding,” said Gary Nicholl, OIF PLL Working Group Management Co-Vice Chair, Cisco. “Our aim with this webinar is to bridge that knowledge divide, connect the dots, and empower industry professionals with expert insights on CMIS.”

Subsequent webinars will delve into specific aspects of individual CMIS functions such as VDM, CDB, FW upgrade and DPSM/Appsel. These sessions will thoroughly explore register-level specifics, defining registers and explaining their interactions.

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