OIF Validates Maturity of Transport SDN APIs in 2020 Multi-Vendor Interoperability Demonstration – Results published in new white paper

Successful collaborative multi-vendor demo revealed high percentage of network operator-favored use cases supported and high product maturity, identified areas for interoperability improvement

Fremont, Calif. OIF today revealed the results of its 2020 Transport SDN Application Programming Interface (API) Interoperability Demonstration in a new white paper now available here. The white paper includes details on the test topology, testing methodology, technical specifications, use cases and findings.

The 2020 joint network operator, multi-vendor demo event focused on testing SDN-based programmability, control, and automation to support the industry to develop standard, robust, interoperable APIs for widescale adoption. The testing was conducted on a partially disaggregated open optical network architecture with operator-defined use cases.

“Interoperable transport SDN APIs are essential capabilities to enable open optical networks,” said Mauro Costa, Head of planning, strategy & architecture, Telia Company, a consulting network operator for this year’s demo. “International co-operations, like this one with OIF, allow the industry to progress at a high pace and Telia Company welcomes the opportunity offered by this interoperability demo. It reinforces that we are advancing in the right direction and that the maturity of the APIs implementation for optical SDN architecture is improving.”

The results of the 2020 demo were presented during a public read-out webinar held on 12 January 2021 in conjunction with Lightwave and on 19 January 2021 at a private, invitation-only virtual event jointly hosted by OIF and Telefónica. On-demand viewing of the Lightwave webinar is available here.

The interoperability testing involved three phases over ten weeks, Sept – Nov 2020, in Telefónica’s Madrid lab:

  • Phase 1: Open Networking Foundation (ONF) T-API NBI testing, Scope: ONF T-API v2.1.3 reference implementation agreement TR-547
  • Phase 2: Open terminals testing including discovery, provisioning, service de-activation and streaming telemetry
  • Phase 3: End-to-end disaggregation demo, Scope: evaluation and demonstration of end-to-end use cases

Findings and results of the testing include:

  • Vendor products demonstrate a high level of maturity and support of operator-favored use cases, based on T-API version 2.1.3 and OpenConfig APIs. Vendors have adopted the ONF 2.1.3 Reference Implementation Agreement (ONF TR-547) rapidly and with few deviations.
  • Inconsistent interpretation of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RESTCONF standard was one interoperability issue identified, especially standard authentication. Clarification to RESTCONF provisioning behavior and implementation scalability were also identified as issues.
  • A particularly good level of compliance to the OpenConfig models was demonstrated by implementations, however, some areas such as key exchange algorithms for IETF NETCONF and complex use cases for device provisioning and commissioning did generate issues.

Participating vendors included ADVA, Ciena, Cisco Systems, Infinera and Nokia. Network operator Telefónica hosted the demo. China Telecom, Telia Company and TELUS participated as consulting network operators.

Additional information and an infographic describing the demo can be found here.

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