October 2-4, 2023
Glasgow, Scotland
Stand #304

OIF Achieves Milestone with Largest Ever Multi-Vendor Interoperability Demo at ECOC 2023, Featuring Nearly 40 Companies Accelerating Implementation of Next-Generation Capabilities

OIF showcased its largest-ever multi-vendor interoperability demonstration at ECOC 2023, highlighting advancements in four key technology areas: 400ZR+ optics, Co-Packaging solutions, Common Electrical I/O (CEI) channels and Common Management Interface Specification (CMIS) implementations. The collaborative efforts of OIF’s network operator, system vendor, component vendor and test equipment vendor members play a vital role in driving the adoption of technologies for both present and future networks. The live and static interoperability demos featuring 39 companies were on display at OIF’s booth, #304.

Participating OIF members:

Telefonica was the hosting consulting network operator, and LightRiver was a host for technology-specific pre-demonstration integration testing.

Demo Participant Material

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